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Owners approve Wisconsin Conquerors to join Major Arena Soccer League 2 for 2024-25 season

Major Arena Soccer League 2 owners have approved the application of the Wisconsin Conquerors to begin play in the 2024-25 season.

The Conquerors are based out of Marshfield, Wisconsin, but will play their home games in nearby Weston at the Greenheck Fieldhouse.

That facility is currently undergoing a $35 million expansion. The new space will include a full-field indoor soccer component as part of the 130,000-square-foot project, initiated by DC Everest. Work on the arena is scheduled to be completed in about a year.

"This is a great ownership group with an existing program, and a brand new facility coming on line next summer which is the perfect combination and exactly the type of expansion opportunities we continue to identify and support." -- M2 Comissioner Chris Economides

Approval of the new franchise came at the end of two days of league meetings in Milwaukee in combination with the owners’ meeting for the parent Major Arena Soccer League. It is the third new M2 franchise approved this offseason. Atletico Orlando will join M2 for the 2023-24 season and play all its games on the road while its arena is being built as well. The MASL St. Louis Ambush have also announced they will play in M2 as well in 2023-24 with their 2nd team (St. Louis Ambush 2).

Dr. Alexander Eddo -- who along with his wife Cerene will be co-owners of the team – said Milwaukee is only about three hours from Weston, and that the Milwaukee Wave – the longest continually operated professional sports franchise indoors or out in the United States -- has already been supportive of placing an M2 team in the state.

“They are very open and said they’d be happy to help in any way they can,” Dr. Eddo said. “Of course, if we can learn and grow with the help of one of the best franchises in all of indoor soccer -- they literally have 40 years of experiences that we can draw on -- that can only be a positive.”

“Dr. Eddo said Central Wisconsin is a focal point in the geographic area which will make up the Conquerors primary market.

“We're central to Eau Claire, Wausau, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, they're all 45 minutes to an hour apart. Each community by itself might look small, but if you combine the market, you have a big pool, there ar about 200,000 people here. Our fans are looking for opportunities to play and support sports in the central part of the state, and MASL2 was a perfect fit." -- Conquerors Co-owner Dr. Alexander Eddo

Eddo, a doctor of pharmacy practicing in Wisconsin, is the Conquerors founder. He is an avid soccer lover and former player who was scouted to FC Porto and later played four years NCAA at Tusculum University on a scholarship. He said he has a burning vision to spread peace and love on earth and that is passion in life is to help young people realize their full potential, maximize their individual talent and be vessels for change. Alexander also added that he believes we are all here to make a difference and leave this world a better place for the next generation.

Economides noted that St. Louis, Orlando and Wisconsin are the first of several new franchises set to join M2 in 2023-24 or 2024-25, with announcements of those additional new teams coming in later this spring and summer.

“We will have a record number of teams in M2 this coming season as interest in having franchises continues to skyrocket,” Economides added. “We will also have a record number of teams that qualify for the post-season, and expand and strengthen our footprint in several key areas of the country. We all wish the season was starting tomorrow there’s so much enthusiasm and excitement from all our owners.”

During league meetings last week, M2 owners approved a 12-game regular season which will likely start in late November and run through the end of March.

“It was great to meet together with all the MASL officials and owners so we could share the good news about the positive, professional, strategic growth of M2,” Economides added. “With expansion at MASL 3 this year as well, we continue to strengthen the foundation of the true pyramid of indoor soccer.”


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